Muhimbili National Hospital – Tumaini la Maisha: Children’s Cancer Ward

At the Muhimbili National Hospital, WAF has partnered with Tumaini la Maisha (TLM ‘Hope for Life’), a non-governmental organisation that is dedicated to caring for children with cancer.

TLM provides chemotherapy and psychosocial therapies, and we support the organisation so that it can continue providing its services free of charge.

Our support will help to train the next generation of Tanzanian pediatric oncology specialists in Palliative Care. The objective being to improve the quality of life of paediatric cancer patients and that of their families who are caring for them. WAF’s funding will also support TLM to provide chemotherapy drugs free of charge to patients. The majority of patients and families who attend TLM’s childhood cancer services across the country cannot afford the cost of cancer treatment for their child. Although many sites across the country provide free services through government and faith-based centres without the support of TLM, chemotherapy would not be reliably available and free to all children.

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Supporting Childhood Cancer in Tanzania

Statistics from Tumaini la Maisha

WAF is also supporting TLM to expand its network by funding TLM’s National Children Cancer Network (NCCN) expansion program.

The program’s aim is to reach every child in Tanzania suffering from childhood cancer. The goal is to ensure treatment is available within 4 hours drive from the child’s home.

As part of our ongoing collaboration with Tumaini La Maisha, we plan to annually support this program and continue to bring hope to children in cancer in Tanzania.