Wentworth Africa Foundation accomplished a lot in 2022. We impacted more than 10,000 people with our programs. We launched our 4th flagship program to support a children’s cancer ward in Tanzania and were able to hold a fundraising event in Cape Town, South Africa. In addition to the projects, Wentworth Africa Foundation also launched a new Logo and website in 2022.


Children’s Cancer Support

At the Muhimbili National Hospital, WAF has partnered with Tumaini la Maisha (TLM ‘hope for life’), a non-governmental organisation that is dedicated to caring for children with cancer.

TLM provides chemotherapy and psychosocial therapies, and we support the organisation so that it can continue providing its services free of charge.

WAF is also supporting TLM to expand its network by funding TLM’s National Children Cancer Network (NCCN) expansion program. The program’s aim is to reach every child in Tanzania suffering from childhood cancer. The goal is to ensure treatment is available within a 4-hour drive from the child’s home.

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Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation (Hospital) in Tanzania (CCBRT)

Each year in Tanzania, 11,000 women die due to complications from pregnancy and childbirth, and 66,000 babies do not survive their first month of life.

WAF has supported the CCBRT Maternity & Newborn Ward which aims at providing specialist care for high-risk and emergency maternity cases, including mothers with disabilities, histories of fistula, and adolescents.

Our support helps CCBRT’s efforts to prevent disability; increase access to emergency obstetric care; prevent disability in newborns; and minimize long-term disability for babies born with impairment, or mothers who suffer childbirth injuries by providing prompt diagnosis and immediate referral to CCBRT’s Disability Hospital for treatment.

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Completed Projects

Library Program for Secondary Schools

In Partnership with READ (Realising Education for Development), a not-for-profit organisation, WAF has refurbished two libraries in Magamba Secondary School and Chiungutwa Secondary School in the Mtwara Region.

The libraries officially opened in June 2022 and December 2022, respectively and will impact approximately 1,529 students.


  • Created a well-functioning library stocked with recommended 1,894 books;
  • Provided digital reading resources;
  • Trained teachers on the use of technology in teaching, general pedagogical skills and library management.
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Keep a Girl in School Project

The Keep a Girl in School program provides sanitary supplies and education to girls during their monthly menses.

This is a project that places value on the girls to stay in school and through this we can be a part of breaking the cycle of poverty for them.

In 2022, WAF supplied 12,264 female hygiene products to more than 6,000 girls at 11 Secondary Schools in the Mtwara and Dar-es-Salaam Regions. WAF led workshop sessions on girls’ puberty and reproductive health.

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Bursary Support Program

for Secondary School, University and Vocational College

The WAF Bursary Support Program supports and provides funds to assist with university and school fees for underprivileged students from the southern and coastal parts of Tanzania. In 2022, we were able to support 76 students.

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WAF achieved one of many successes in the Bursary Support Programme -

One of our Secondary School sponsored students was successfully awarded a Divison 1 grade – the highest mark that can be achieved at Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examinations. Idrisa Mpangile plans to join university in 2022/2023 and WAF will be right beside him to ensure he achieves his goals by completing his education.

Secondary School Bursary

18 students supported in 2022


21 students supported in 2022 academic year. Majoring in Education, Finance & Banking, Rural Development and vocational training in Electrical Installation, Motor Vehicle Mechanics, Cookery, Aquaculture Technology, and Tailoring.

Vocational & Technical School

Supported 21 students at the Folk Development College and one student at the Fisheries Education and Training Agency. Courses studied include Electrical Installation, Motor Vehicle Mechanics and Aquaculture Technology.

Our Performance

Library Books Provided

Female Hygiene Products Distributed

Impacted by WAF's Education and Health Programs

Provided with Sponsorship

with 1,879 Students Impacted

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read through our 2022 Year in Review. We hope you are equally touched as we are. Nothing brings us more joy than helping our children and seeing them succeed. Please join us in 2023 for another fabulous outcome!

Let's make 2023 Great